Where does wellness change start?

The Quality of Our Lives

The Quality of Our Lives (Photo credit: cheerfulmonk)







Accepting who and where you are right now, loving the person you are, believing you can make changes to your wellbeing are the three key thoughts you need to get on board if your looking to create lasting wellbeing change.

If you can’t accept where your starting from and where you are, that’s denial. To stand in front of the mirror and say, yep this is who I am, what I look like, how I’m living and how I feel is a huge first step. Imagine working with someone in denial, it makes going forward pretty hard.

Love who you are might sound a bit silly, especially if your wellbeing is in bad shape. Are you a nice person, a good person? love the person you are now, enjoy and welcome the wellbeing journey head. When you do a workout, eat a salad and do something positive for you wellbeing, enjoy it and love the person you are becoming. People want to focus only on the end result, hating and despising the journey to living well. Guess what, you will never get that result and keep it if you don’t love the journey and love yourself every step of the way. Who really think that when you hit a certain weight, eating plan and fitness level, that happiness, confidence and only positive thoughts get delivered to your door. No you get all this on the journey, you get this when you love who you are and live with passion.

Believing you can create and live your wellness vision is the final piece of the puzzle. When you believe, when you can imagine your self living the wellness vision you want, that’s the key. We can tend to go into a weight loss or exercise regime without genuine belief that it’s possible to reach or maintain their wellbeing goals. So believe in yourself, believe in the changes you want to make, believe you can achieve whatever you want your wellbeing to become. If you don’t believe it’s not going to happen, people don’t run marathons, eat veggies daily and change their lives without belief.

These are your wellness starting points, there’s a’lot more steps before you will reach you wellness goals. Get these three thoughts in place and your well on the way.

Accept, Love and believe.


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